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Over the last ten years we have discovered a method of irradicating a pest that for the last 150 years has become such a problem that it costs the UK government over £150,000,000 a year to control.

So far, we have done ten years first phase research and found results to be favourable. We now want to enter into the second phase of research over the next ten years. We want to get out into the field and do more research, hoping for more positive outcomes and during that time develop a more useable method of eradicating this pest long term. To date the solution has remained llusive.

We hope that we have discovered a way of not just controlling this problem but eradicating it. What we need to do is find a number of investors that are willing to invest a total of £6,500, so that we can then move onto the next step towards forwarding the method of eradicating this menace. The money will be used for experimentation, fieldwork and the preparation needed so that we can then enter into the final stage that will enable us to go into production.

The initial discovery was, like a lot of the greatest discoveries discovered quite by accident, and since then it has been quite a painstaking process to perfect the way it reduces the menace. After discovering the way it interacts with the blight of Japanese knotweed we have tried different strains and we are now confident that the one we are working with is the one to go with.

The whole process is a slow one, but with the right investment we hope to take our discovery into the lab so that we can try to isolate what it is that is having this effect and then try to develop a better delivery system.

The menace referred to above is Japanese knotweed and to date there is not a product on the market that can kill this destructive menace. It is also notoriously difficult to control. We have found something that not only holds back but reduces this exponentially and once produced the demand for this product should sell like the proverbial hot cake.